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The MAGA Mall Donates Thousands Of Caps To MAGA Republican Candidates

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Like many Americans, Ronald Solomon, the president of The MAGA Mall, is sick of the insanity that permeates our government and is destroying America, and has decided to do something about it. He is going the extra mile to remove woke leftists and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) form public office by helping to replace them with commonsense conservatives. One way of doing this is by donating to conservative candidates, not only with funds, but also with The MAGA Mall’s signature product, their premium caps, which are made with the company’s premium cotton twill and are totally embroidered.

Early this year, The MAGA Mall started making and donating thousands of custom-made caps to Trump-endorsed and conservative candidates, especially those who were primarying RINOs who voted to impeach President Trump. The company donates and continues to donate to each candidate hundreds of its custom-made caps.

Some of these candidates are Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska for U.S. Senate, Herschel Walker in Georgia for U.S. Senate, Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State, Kristina Karamo for Michigan Secretary of State, Jim Marchant for Nevada Secretary of State, Jody Hice for Georgia Secretary of State, John Gibbs for Michigan HD3, Lauren Boebert for Colorado HD3, Vernon Jones for Georgia HD10, Marjorie Taylor Greene for Georgia HD14, James Marter for Illinois HD16, JR Majewski for Ohio HD7, Luis Pozzolo for Arizona HD7, Laura Loomer for Florida HD21, even Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Mayor of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

The company also designs and donates caps to worthy conservative causes. One is the former Director of ICE Tom Homan’s “Defend The Border, Save Lives” campaign, which is educating the public on the horrors at the border caused by the current administration's insane open border policy. President Trump attended the initial fundraiser for the campaign at Mar-a-Lago and loved the caps.

In April at a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for John Gibbs, who primaried and beat a RINO who voted to impeach President Trump, the company donated hundreds of custom-made caps, so very attendee could receive one. In attendance were President Trump and former Secretary of HUD Dr. Ben Carson, who informed everyone that Gibbs was his indispensable right-hand man at HUD.

The company has made caps for other campaigns. One of newest caps is for Governor Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign. At the Texas State Republican Convention, in Houston, Texas, Dan Rogers, the chairman of the Potter County, Texas Republican Party, presented Abbott with the new cap.

More recently, at a fundraising event in Charleston, South Carolina for Secretary of State candidates Mark Finchem (Arizona), Kristina Karamo (Michigan) and Jim Marchant (Nevada), the company presented each candidate with hundreds of custom-made caps as well as funds for their campaigns. These candidates have formed a coalition to fight for fair and secure elections, Conservatives for Election Integrity, and will be indispensable in securing future elections in their respective states.

Solomon realizes everyone must act now to save America, “Leftist policies that have caused record inflation, sky-rocketing gas prices, shortages in stores, rampant crime, illegal aliens and drugs to pour into America, and our military to be compromised with woke insanity, are all ravaging our country. We must do everything we can to take back the Congress and state governments, so we can end this nightmare that has befallen us. The time is now, if we wait, the America we all love will be lost forever.”

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